Lisa Marie Nowak


"On February 5, 2007, Nowak was arrested at Orlando International Airport on charges of attempted kidnapping, battery, attempted vehicle burglary with battery, and destruction of evidence."

"The Orlando Police said Nowak had disguised herself during the assault by wearing a hooded tan trench coat and black wig and, along with the BB gun, was carrying a four-inch folding buck knife, a new steel mallet, black gloves, rubber tubing, plastic garbage bags and about US $600 in cash. In her statement to police, Nowak said she wanted to talk to Shipman and discuss their relationships with Oefelein."

As Ze Frank commented, if that is her idea of talking...I'd hate to hear her idea of kinky sex.

Little Quiz

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Need a ride to the airport

Darksonic and I are leaving for Seattle Thursday Sept 28th. Problem is, we are leaving from Oakland airport at 7:20pm - and we need a ride. Anyone possibly able to get us from Sunnyvale to Oakland airport on a Thursday around 6? (arriving around 6 in oakland)

Some news

So, darksonic and I are engaged. This is edited and reposted from my WoW guild forum.

To begin, technically we were already engaged. We decided not to announce it, except to a few friends. Mostly this was decided because we hadn’t become engaged in the normal way. For example: I asked him, we had no rings, I didn’t want to tell my family, etc. Some of you who have seen me may have noticed me wearing a temporary plain band; this has sufficed as my engagement ring for some time. I decided that when he gave me the lovely, sparkly ring, that would be the time to tell everyone in an official way.

Last night he doubly surprised me. Let me set the scene.

I am doing idle laps around the top balcony of Undercity after BWL (ignore game details if you are not a WoW player), just running in circles while I chat on teamspeak. Some level 10 troll rogue sends me a tell, "Excuse me, may I have a moment of your time?" I think, oh great, another person wanting gold, an instance run, or to join my guild. His name is Grimbaud. My fiance sits down next to me, seemingly waiting for me to finish my business and log out. I being typing, "Sorry, I have to go" to the strange troll fellow when suddenly the character kneels and says "Will you marry me?" A little confused, I erase my unsent tell and begin to respond with something sarcastic. This is when my fiance puts an open ring box on my keyboard.

My first thought was honestly "Who did he get to help with this?" It took him a while to convince me he was actually playing the game and not just borrowing someone's account to set the surprise up. Apparently he has been playing for over a month! Eventually I recovered from the shock and started crying. Eventually I stopped crying and said yes.

Not only do I have a gorgeous ring, but he has been secretly playing World of Warcraft! Never in my wildest dreams would I think that my two loves (gaming and him) would finally come together

Here is the ring if anyone wants to see it.

9-11 and Ze Frank. The man who thinks.

This man is not just an internet fad.  He says what I wish I could articulate.  Here are his comments on the upcoming September eleventh anniversary.  Take them to heart.


Ze Frank commenting on 9-11 with slight editing:

Let’s talk about [this] now rather than on Monday when all the TV coverage will make me want to throw up in my shoes.  I did live in Brooklyn at the time, in fact in this very same place.  The night before, I was hit with a back spasm that was so bad that while I was lying on the floor I contemplated peeing myself rather than try to make it to the bathroom, which was about 15 feet away.  Before going to sleep that night I self medicated with some vicodin left over from a root canal.  It was in that orange haze that I woke up late the next morning to the sound of the phone ringing.  When the answering machine picked up, my sister spoke in the voice that she would use to describe something normal, like a cookbook or a new pair of shoes.

 “We’re under attack, we’re being bombed.”

I don’t know what else she said but the vicadin put a soft, almost cozy Hallmark blur around that moment.  TV was out, the broadcast antenna no longer existed; so my little clock radio stepped up to fill in the gaps.  I live about five blocks from the east river, directly across from the southern tip of Manhattan.  It took me and the tennis racket I brought along as a crutch almost forty five minutes to make that trip.  The tennis racket would be lost along the way as I stopped to learn on cars when my back seized up.  The parked cars were clean that morning, the last time they would be for weeks to come as the wind shifted the smoke plume directly over my neighborhood.  The ash that would cover the windshields looked like a fine snow except for the intermittent scraps of paper, some of which contained a legible word or two.  The cars were dirty, but even the dirt was somehow sacred and even the school kids resisted the temptation to write “clean me” in the passenger side windows.


By the time I reached the water both buildings had collapsed and lower Manhattan was engulfed in smoke.  I tried to squint through it to make out any hint of something that might have remained.  With no particular thought in my head I started crying.  A woman I assume was a nurse, because she was dressed like one, came up and hugged me.  She said she was sorry, something I didn’t understand but still feels like the right thing to have said.


So in the last week President Bush has called on Americans to use the five year anniversary of September eleventh as a chance to recall the unity that we felt in its aftermath.  It was a pretty amazing unity.  We were certainly bonded together by fear, but also by a kind of hopefulness.  It was a hopefulness from the experience of the amazing strength that we have when we decide to help each other.  That unity was not about the government.  It was a shared determination among us to make things better.  The president seems to think that unity implies supporting him and his policies.  In my personal opinion the president has no right to attach himself to that part of our experience.  He already had his shot.


While every other aspect of 9-11 is defiled this Monday, let us at least keep in tact the memory of what that unity meant to us.


I know just how he feels

Professor: "What if I remove a single molecule from the table? Is it still a table.?"

Class: "Yes."

Professor: "What if I keep doing that? One molecule at a time? When does the table stop being a table?"

Class: "Ooooooh."

Brian: "I'm gonna say when it falls over."

Professor: "That's not the point of the--"

Brian: "That's when it stops being a table."


Thank you 8-bit



In case you had not heard, Steve Irwin died.

To expound more on this, I have transcribed and portion of "The Show" with Ze Frank.  Linked for your reference.




Here is a conversation Ze had with himself:


According to in depth news source, CNN, a new poll suggests that most Americans are angry about, quote, something, end quote, when it comes to how the country is run.


Something!?  What?!






They kill indiscriminately without warning!


But why?  What religion do they follow?


I don’t think they have one, they must be atheists.


Atheists, I knew it!  Just like all the dangerous fishes.


What are their political aspirations?


They’re fish; I don’t think they have any.


They’re Atheioanarchists!


An Atheioanarchist?  Isn’t that just like Hitler?


No, he was a Christofacist.


Whatever, if Hitler were a fish I’m sure he would ally with the stingray.


Agreed, but what can we do?  These Atheioanarchist stingrays are hard to spot and they often hide underground.


Well they just killed one of the coolest guys in the world down in Australia.


Now you’re talking.  First let's send a team of divers down to Australia to fuck with more stingrays.


Yes!  That will keep them occupied and prevent them from coming up onto land.


Exactly.  Whatever it takes.  Now tell me what happened.


Well, Erwin was stabbed in the heart while swimming in the sting ray habitat.


Ok, ban swimming...and ban hearts from any proximity to liquids.


Good, but I just thought of something.  What about the people who like fish?


The Japanese.


That’s right; it all comes back to the Shinto-Christofacists.

Well, we’ll keep tabs on people who order sushi.



Also, thanks to Nani for linking this great article. http://www.zug.com/gab/index.cgi?func=view_thread&thread_id=68619



I should preface this by saying that I have an awesome summer internship is a pharmaceutical company in Palo Alto.


Today my older brother had lunch with me.  Ok, my older half brother – but that fact does not matter to me.  He is my brother.  We spent some time in my office and I showed him around the facility.  Seeing the lab animals was not his cup of tea but he appreciated my enthusiasm.  As we were leaving the building to head towards food he commented, “You know, I used to work in that building.”


My response, “Huh?”


Him, “Yea, this whole area used to belong to HP.  I worked in that building when it was owned by HP.”


Me, “Oh, weird.”


Him, “Dad used to work there too.”


Me, “What!?!”


Ladies and gentleman, I work in the same building my deceased father worked at about 10 years ago.  Creepy.


Good morning Sports Racers,

What is your Rock Star Name?

Clipped from a messenger conversation:

Me: When I was younger my older brother was listening to me sing

Me: And he said I was going to be a rock star

Me: So he gave me a rockstar name

Me: And it was Mega Money

kiltedwolfe: lol

kiltedwolfe: could be a stripper name too

Me: could be...but less so I think

Me: Strippers don't put 'money' in there names

Me: Maybe Mega Honey

Me: Or Honey Bunches of Oats

kiltedwolfe: eew

Me: something like that

kiltedwolfe: LOL


Post your rock star name or your stripper name – or both!